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Mike at age 13 next to his gallery wall


1993 - Watercolour painting


2020 - Mr. Cookie watching Mike paint

Mike Nguyen is a Canadian watercolour sports artist who discovered his passion for art in grade school. He kept on painting throughout high school and continued his studies in Graphic Design in college. After a 20 year hiatus from fine art he began painting again in January 2019, and has been enjoying the freedom that art brings into his life. His watercolour paintings depict personal experiences as well as his love for anything sports related.



His hockey artwork was featured on CTV Winnipeg, CBC Edmonton, Sportsnet, 

TSN online and the Winnipeg Free Press.


Official Website:







             Doug M 

I was Mike's grade 8 art teacher at Bowmore. His talent and commitment was inspiring. I recently bumped into him, after 25 years, and was so pleased that he is choosing to revisit his incredible ability - he is a true artist and paints from the heart. I purchased an original Austin Matthews from him, not only to support him as he ventures into this phase of his life and career, but because it is amazing what he is producing after not painting for twenty years, and I may not be able to afford an original in the near future! I have had the joy of working with many fine young artists in my career; Mike stands out as a truly unique and special artist and I am sure his passion is going to bring many people joy.

             Garnett S

Thank you Mike for all that you do. I knew I wanted something somebody put their heart into. It's a special feeling physically holding one of your prints and looking at all the small details. From the way you captured Tom Brady's eyes looking to throw a pass. Or the little white dots that go across the back of Patrick Roy's glove. Even the way you somehow managed to separate the leather to fabric on the heel of  Gretzky's skates (that one's especially my favourite)...So many little details that makes your art an absolute joy to have. Keep on creating in the direction your passion takes you, and I have zero doubt any of the goals you set for yourself will be out of reach.

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